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What is Via Soul?

Via Soul L.L.C is a Plant-Based Food Company that provides multicultural dishes that are curated to promote wellness and satisfy the palate.

We service special events to make sure there is more than Fries & Salads for our fellow Plant Based/Vegan diet gang.

It was started in May 2018 by Simba Brown, because she was feeling the effect from a void. So she decided to fill this void with Via Soul.

Everywhere that she would go she would struggle with finding tasty & nutrient dense food options at a reasonable price. She would end up spending more money for small portioned sides to build a meal, than the standard entree would cost at various food establishments.

Simba is also going through a very transient phase in her life. She is in the process of having her home built in DC. So right now she doesn't have a kitchen of her own. But her black girl magic won't let that stop her from achieving her health and wealth dreams. So she has decided to stop letting that hinder her and let thy food be thy healer & medicine, instead of another drug.

She has rented a commercial kitchen space and is lining up catering events. We will be offering our dishes for individual daily consumption by popular demand soon. Every food item is crafted and prepared from the soul. Creating each entree is therapy & healing for Simba that she is sharing with the world.

 CHOOSE VIA SOUL to satisfy your body and taste buds with veggies, legumes, and whole grains only. Your taste buds will thank heaven and your digestive system will too!