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Meet the Owner

Find me on Instagram @SimbaTheNauralista

Find me on Instagram @SimbaTheNauralista

Meet Simba

 Setena "Simba" Brown is the owner of V Soul. She is a native Washingtonian born and raised in Ward 7. Simba has had a passion for health, beauty, and wellness every since she was a teenager.

 In high school she started to notice an increase in autoimmune disease symptoms. No diagnosis was made. She would continue to suffer with the symptoms for many years. The many doctor visits, meds, and co-payments were not making things better.

 Via Soul is not her first entrepreneurial venture. She has been providing women with health, beauty, and wellness products since 2012 under 1PrettyMsFit. In 2015 she had a brick & mortar location with her business Rehab Beauty Bar in the Anacostia Corridor of Washington, DC.

 Simba's symptoms had gotten progressively worse she suffered from bilateral inflammation & tendinitis in her wrist. She started looking for natural remedies. She did not want to go back to the doctors & meds. During her research she noticed a trend of people giving up meat and dairy and experiencing amazing benefits.

 In October 2016 she decided to dive into the vegan challenge. While giving up meat was not hard she had some challenges. But she was determined to make it work and to make it simple. She was going to simplify the process with some planning and taking action. 

 So Simba decided she was going to combine all of her skills and master these challenges to stick to a Plant-Based Lifestyle. She decided to combine her background in psychology along with her operational, organizational, solution-oriented, and task-rabbit habits and share her solutions with others. Via Soul was born for all to love and benefit from. Eat.Heal.LOVE!