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Raw Veggies May Not Always be Good for You! Discover Your Dosha Type

Simba the Naturalista

Source :   I do not own the rights to this image .

Source : I do not own the rights to this image.

Remember my blog post I Don't Want a Damn Salad Today! I learned that this was not me not trying to be healthy. Everyone knows that I am definitely about that holistic life! Our bodies need different things. No one food item or diet works for all.

During my research I learned that my Ayurvedic Dosha Type is Kapha-Pitta. I learned that raw veggies aren't always best for me. I tried a raw vegan diet, and my body did not respond will to it at all. I was so scared that I was going to pass out.

I thought it was the "toxins leaving my body" and boy was I wrong! Good thing I listed to my body and went and got me a curry soup and falafel veggie bowl. I am no expert and still learning. Check out some of Sahara Rose's YouTube vids here. 

 Check out this story to get a better understanding: 

"A patient came to me recently after being advised by a well-meaning health practitioner to consume each morning a blended smoothie made from kale, romaine, pear, and soaked nuts or seeds—all of which are bitter or astringent tastes that increase Vata dosha—along with some water. She diligently did so for four days and despite drinking 100 ounces of fluid daily, ended up in the emergency room with a bowel impaction. What the practitioner didn’t account for was that she lacked the digestive capacity to handle this particular combination of raw foods. For her, a diet of steamed and sautéed vegetables were consumed easily and she was able to gradually rebuild her digestive strength.

Another patient who was Pitta by nature with strong digestion, lost 20 pounds, decreased his serum cholesterol, and eliminated aches and pains by consuming two green juices daily, in addition to eating a more Mediterranean-style diet.

In short, not all raw foods are bad and not all cooked foods are bad. Some people are able to tolerate foods that others cannot. After more than 20 years researching food and nutrition, I have found that there’s no “right” diet that benefits all people. In order to determine if a raw foods diet is right for you, take into account your general ability to digest, your dosha type, and your current health situation. How does your body react to the foods that you are currently consuming? It may help for you to keep a daily food journal and note how you feel after eating different kinds of foods. Keep in mind that sometimes you won’t immediately feel the effects of eating a certain kind of food until the next day. Pay attention and you will begin to notice patterns. These clues, and the wisdom of Ayurveda, can help you find the best diet for you" Read the full article from here.