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I Don't Want a Damn Salad Today


I Don't Want a Damn Salad Today

Simba the Naturalista

            *2018 UPDATE

           Often times I am on the go. Sometimes, I am not able to access my handy dandy mini crock pot food warmer. Sometimes I am just not in the mood for a smoothie. Sometimes I just want a quickie no strings, I mean hassles attached.

            Plus, I need to be able to let my clients know where they can grab things if they are ever in a pinch. I will be providing a comprehensive guide later if the demand is there. In the meantime, comment to let me know what neighborhoods & cuisines you would like for me to cover.

            This will be the only free on the go options post. This is because I like the food and don't ever want them to stop selling it. But really, the staff was super welcoming and awesome to me. MEAT & DAIRY FREE POWER AND LOVE! 


1. Eat Pow Pow (H Street)- Disco Stick & Natalie Porkman Bowl.

2. Buredo (K Street)- Pretty Riki Sushi Burrito

3. Honey grow (Gallery Place/Chinatown)- Thai Curry noodles w/tofu & veggies

4. Seoul Spice (NoMa)- Tofu Korrito Herbivore w/ ginger carrot sauce.

5. Takorean (Navy Yard)- Half tofu half cauliflower, spice kale, gochu pow sauce, sesame seeds, and cilantro bowl or tacos.

  Nothing amounts to a home-cooked meal, but eh life happens. Here at V Soul, we are realistic and practical in our approach. Preparation + Consistency = Results!