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What is V Soul?

   V Soul is Health & Wellness Company. We provide awareness and solutions for a Plant Based Diet.

We offer 3 Products & Services

1. SMART Meal Planner Journal

2. Consulting Services

3. Food Products

What is V Soul's Mission?

   To provide each one of our valued customers with efficient products and services to sustain a Plant Based Lifestyle.


   Our owner and founder Setena "Simba the Naturalista" Brown got sick and tired literally.

   Sick and tired of being unhealthy. Sick and tired of feeling like crap. Sick and tired of looking like crap. Sick and tired of consuming processed and unnatural foods. 

   Upon her journey to finding a solution to all of her health problems for many years, she finally stumbled across the benefits of a Plant Based Diet.

   We all know that doing the right thing is never easy. Setena has stumbled on her journey from lack of planning, procrastination, and information overload. Now she is giving back and crafting her lessons learned as a tools for success to encourage the people.

 Are you interested in living, healing, and reaping the benefits of the natural lifestyle? Go Plant Based with V SOUL and become your best you!